The Mental Health Providers Association is committed to maximizing the societal value and
quality of life for Idaho's mentally ill population though individually targeted professional
psychosocial and clinic services.

  • Advocacy: We have been in existence since 1999 and have been instrumental in working with
    Health and Welfare on a host of issues that face us every day as providers.  We work toward
    unity & common action for better governmental & labor relation as well as community
    development for individuals with mental illness.

  • Collaboration: We are a non-profit, state wide, all volunteer provider group dedicated to
    assisting and representing agencies that deliver Psycho-Social Rehabilitation, Clinic and
    Targeted Service Coordination.  Representation is for both children and adult services.

  • Technical Support: Through our e-groups web mail system and quarterly meeting around the
    state, joining MHPAI will allow your to keep your agency’s thumb on the pulse of what is
    happening throughout the state and will give you a voice for your concerns.

  • Education: We sponsor conferences regarding mental health issues and treatment to
    individuals, professionals, and the community.  We provide a forum to exchange information
    or expertise to its members and/or other parties.

  • Voice: MHPAI members meet regularly with legislators to discuss the successes and
    challenges we face as providers.  Discussion with legislators also focuses on the mental health
    needs of consumers, progress the MHPAI is making and measures that will come before the
    legislature from Health and Welfare and other entities.  Joining the MHPAI will give you a
    voice for your concerns and ideas.
What We Do